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Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Vaporizer

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About the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO eRig

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO was designed using proprietary technology to help achieve the best dab of all time. The built-in temperature sensor esnures that the atomizer reamins at your set temp no matter how hard you draw or the amount of oil used. Six heat settings have been calibrated based off of continuous feedback from prior Boost models.

This unique heat sensor is paired with a custom quartz dish, interchangeable glass, high output ambient lighting and a long battery life. See what the ultimate dab experience is like with the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO vaporizer.>/p>

Boost EVO Features

  • Six Temperature Settings - 500-750° F
  • Magnetic Quartz Atomizer temp sensor
  • Quatz to glass vapor path
  • 60+ hits on a single charge

What's in the Box

  • Dr. Dabber Boost EVO
  • Boost EVO Quartz Atomizer
  • Boost EVO Replacement Glass Attachment
  • Boost EVO USB-C Charger
  • Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter
  • Boost EVO Loading Tool