MB2e Machine

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The MagicalButter machine is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor, designed for infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, alcohol, lotion, and more! Combining an immersion blender with a programmable thermostat and heating unit, the MB machine is designed to create incredible recipes and botanical infusions with little or no labor. The MagicalButter machine grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your herbal extract, all at the correct time intervals and temperature for a perfect infusion every time. As a result, you achieve your desired infusion easily, safely, and consistently.

• Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled program sequences
• Pitcher constructed of stainless steel
• Integrated digital thermostat & sensors bring laboratory-grade temperature controls to your kitchen for consistent results
• Makes 2-5 cups per cycle 
• Self-cleaning!

Includes: Magical Glove, Purify Filter 190, Magical CookBook, Owner’s Manual and 110V power cord are included with each MB2e machine.


Puffco Peak Smart Rig

$189.99 - $299.99

PUFFCO PEAK SMART RIG VAPORIZER The award-winning Puffco Peak Smart Rig vaporizer is a portable e-rig extracting intense flavor and effects from concentrates with intelligent temperature adjustment,...

Mighty Vaporizer

Storz and Bickel

Mighty Vaporizer

$279.99 - $349.00

MIGHTY PORTABLE VAPORIZER The Mighty portable vaporizer comes from the makers of the Volcano vaporizer and this assures the user with a top-quality product! The Mighty portable vaporizer has LED...

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Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer


Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer

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Now: $27.99

ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS TERP PEN V2 VAPORIZER Nearly Instant Heatup Breath Activated, No Buttons or Settings Easy Load Design Ultra-Portable Form: 5.5" (140mm) No Butane or Torch...

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Ardent FX Decarboxylator


Ardent FX Decarboxylator

$274.99 - $299.99

ABOUT ARDENT FX DECARBOXYLATOR: We are so excited to announce the FX all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen aka the Easy Bake Ardent! You can do it ALL in this wonder device. Almost 4x bigger than the...

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
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Storz and Bickel

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer


ABOUT STORZ & BICKEL VOLCANO HYBRID: The reinvention of an icon.The VOLCANO HYBRID has exciting new features like Inhalation through the Tube Kit or Valve Balloon Very fast heating process...


Storz and Bickel

Plenty Vaporizer

$199.99 - $249.00

Plenty Vaporizer Features Whip Style Vaporizer Extra Wide Herb Chamber Cooling Coil Analog Temperature Display Precise Temperature Control Vaporizes Herbs, Oils and Concentrates  Get...

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Suorin Drop Vaporizer

MSRP: $49.99
Was: $49.99
Now: $29.99

ABOUT THE SUORIN DROP ULTRA-PORTABLE VAPE SYSTEM Dimensions: 73 mm x 49 mm x 12 mm Drop Pod capacity: 2 ml Battery capacity: 300 mAh Resistance: 1.3 – 1.4 Ohm Charging time: 45...

Glob Mops XL Cotton Swabs 2.0

Glob Mops

Glob Mops XL Cotton Swabs 2.0

$6.99 - $18.99

ABOUT THE GLOB MOP XL COTTON SWABS Keep your Quartz nails and bangers clean and looking brand new with 100% Pure Cotton XL 2.0 Glob Mops. This convenient 300-swab pack is perfect for your luggage,...

Original Focus V Carta V2

Focus V

Focus V Carta V2 Smart Dab Rig


Take $40 OFF instantly with code: CARTA ABOUT THE FOCUS V CARTA DAB RIG V2 2-in-1 dry herb/concentrate vaporizer Ergonomic, portable design with desktop power Rechargeable battery power for...

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Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator


Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator

MSRP: $260.00
Was: $260.00
Now: $199.99

ABOUT THE ARDENT NOVA LIFT DECARBOXYLATOR Fully Activates Dry Herb Quiet and Odorless Decarbs in up to Two Hours Holds up to One Ounce of Dry Herb Discreet Design Single Button...