OTTO Electric Herb Grinder

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OTTO is the first and only automatic cone filling machine. Whether your material is sticky, moist, dry or full of stems, it grinds and fills a perfect cone every time at the touch of a button. OTTO provides a superior smoking experience with a smooth draw, and no air pockets, runs or waste. Easy and intuitive use for all experience levels.

Designed for comfort and ease of use, the Otto Grinder by Banana Bros makes it easier and faster than ever to prepare your dried herbs. With patented sensing and grinding technology, the grinder effortlessly grinds anything from dried herbs to incense. The spring loaded metal grinder teeth deliver a perfect mill each time regardless of the density or texture of the herb, delivering a smoother roll each time.

All-in-one tool

The Otto grinder was designed for comfort and convenience. This device acts as a grinder and automatic cone roller in one, making it a more seamless experience. Simply fill the chamber with your herbs and place a cone in the tube. The grinder connects to the tube by use of magnetic connectors. Once the grinder is attached, simply switch on the Otto grinder by holding down the power button and then pressing it once to start the grinding process. The smart sensing technology will automatically adjust the grinder to the density and texture of the herbs for the optimal grind each time. During this process, the milled herbs will effortlessly fill the cone to the tip.

Sleek design

With a minimalistic design, this device is not only sleek but also very functional. With only one button which also features an LED backlight, it couldn’t be easier to use the grinder. The Otto features high grade metal teeth designed for the perfect grind and has an o-funnel which ensures a mess free load. The see through tube allows users to watch as their cones are filled within mere seconds. The magnetic connectors make loading of the chamber and retrieving of the cones a simple one step process. The Otto also has a USB port to make charging more convenient and the chamber is airtight in order to prevent odors from escaping; making this the perfect stealth grinder.

Premium cones

The Otto grinder comes complete with 20 ready to use cones, made from high quality raw fiber. The lip is extra wide for an easier load the design lends itself to an optimal burn and smoother airflow. The grinder can deliver between 20 - 30 cone fills per charge. Cones are filled evenly and can be filled to the top with ease. The hand rolled cones are crafted in Bali and since it’s made from raw materials, will deliver an even burn packed full of flavor and aromas.

The Otto Automatic Grinder is the top of the line premium weed grinder in the industry. For a more simple option, you are able to check out our other dry herb grinders that range between $10-$50 without any electrical features.


  • Single Button Operation
  • SMART Grinding Technology
  • All-In-One Auto Cone Roller
  • Spill Free Filling Funnel
  • All-Natural Premium Cones
  • Metal Grinder Teeth
  • Spring Loaded
  • Detects Material Consistency
  • USB Charging


  • OTTO Electric Herb Grinder
  • Aerospace Engineered Aluminum Milling Plates
  • O-Tube Sachet and Cone Holder
  • O-Funnel
  • 20 Free Banana Bros. Premium Cone-Shaped Sachets
  • 4-in-1 Cleaning Tool
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Measuring Cup
  • Snap Cap