Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer

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The original Puffco Plus Vaporizer has been a staple in the concentrate consumption scene. It has been the go-to dab pen vaporizer for hardcore enthusiasts who look for the perfect balance of function and sophistication.  

Puffco recently gave their best-selling wax pen an awesome facelift. The second generation Puffco Plus sports a more polished and sleek looking exterior, it now has 15% more battery life and an improved dart mouthpiece design. These upgrades are carefully thought of and are designed to provide users with a more convenient on-the-go experience. 


If you loved the old dart mouthpiece, we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with the new one even more. The new dart mouthpiece now sports a brand new sauce dart extension which will allow users to easily scoop wax oil concentrates without difficulty. While the old dart was built like a sharp pick to stick into the concentrates, the new dart mouthpiece features a curved end with an extension to aid in scooping almost all kinds of extracts. This improvement may seem insignificant at first but will prove to be impactful once you start vaping on your feet. You no longer have to suffer from constantly picking on your runny extracts which may sometimes end up wasted on the pavement. The improved dart design allows you to use the integrated loading tool like a conventional dab tool where you scoop larger loads of concentrates for a full-sized dab. This makes for a more efficient and convenient means of loading.  

While the shape of the dart’s tip may have changed, the overall makeup of the innovative mouthpiece remains the same. The dart is still made from high-quality ceramic components which allow the dart to ensure the preservation of you extract’s terpenes, the active ingredients which give your materials its flavor and aroma. The ceramic components on the mouthpiece also help preserve the cannabinoids from your choice concentrates so you can get the best out of your materials.  

Furthermore, the dart also facilitates an environment unique to this innovative mouthpiece. The dart creates a vortex-like chamber where the vapor can travel in a circular manner which allows it to cool down, a marvel to see such technology in such a small component as a mouthpiece. It also slightly sifts and breaks down the vapors to remove irritants making your draws smoother and easier on both the throat and the lungs.  


This dab pen is equipped with new batteries. It now can las 15% longer than its predecessor, the original Puffco Plus. This means that you can enjoy more time vaping rather than spend more time waiting for your vaporizer to reach a full charge. While it’s wise to carry an extra battery when you’re vaping on-the-go, it’s still better to have a longer lasting battery that can keep up with your demanding needs.  

The new Puffco Plus V2 supports the same sesh-mode functionality saving you from pressing the power button longer than necessary. The sesh-mode functionality allows the Puffco Plus V2 to keep on firing for 12 seconds without having to press any button. This is great for long drags with a full-sized dab or for when you’re vaping with friends and you’d like to pass the Puffco Plus V2 around. Speaking of the power button, the Puffco Plus V2 sports a rebranded power button. The old version of this dab pen had a green cloud for an icon while this new and improved version sports a new hexagon that looks like it’s cut in half. This gives the Puffco Plus V2 a slightly edgy appearance denoting its more robust battery and more convenient mouthpiece.  

Grab the new Puffco Plus V2 and experience innovation and function in your pocket.  


Fans of the original Puffco Plus will be delighted that the second generation Puffco Plus kept the preset temperature settings found on the first gen wax pen vaporizers. Puffco knew that temperature is the key to unlocking the full potential of your concentrates and by keeping the premium heat setting which set the original Puffco Plus apart from the competition they successfully kept the essence of what made the Puffco Plus such an icon in the wax consumption platform.  

By toggling through the heat levels, one can easily enjoy a variety of effects from thin but flavorful wisps of clouds to a visible and dense fog of vapors. This also means that you can adjust the effects of the concentrates accordingly, from a mild and subtle euphoria for good sleep or a psychoactive high to boost your inner creativity.  

Whatever your reasons, whether it be rest and relaxation or probably for your prescribed medication, the Puffco Plus V2 is the perfect dab pen vaporizer for you. Take a dive into ecstasy with the new and improved Puffco Plus V2. 


  • 1 x Puffco Plus V2
  • 1 x USB Supercharger 
  • Cleaning Swabs