RezBlock 30ml

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RezBlock is one of our premier products and there is nothing else like it. RezBlock stops resin from sticking to your bong wherever water touches it, keeping it cleaner longer. It's an all-natural resin preventer.

The Resin Preventer

There’s something about a water pipe coated with resin that just makes us feel dirty. That’s why we change our water every day. But that’s not all. Not by a long shot. We also use RezBlock. Just a few drops help prevent the resin from building up. It keeps our pieces clean, and our hits fresh and delicious.

When you add RezBlock to your water, it prevents the resins from sticking to the glass and instead they float in the water allowing you to pour out that gunk along with the ash and other particulates you don't want. RezBlock is completely organic, which means you'll need to change your water out regularly. With RezBlock and regular water changes, you'll see drastically less buildup in your bong.


  • Up to 60 uses per bottle
  • Contains fruit extracts, vegetable glycerin, purified water, citric acid
  • Won't affect the taste
  • Just a few drops needed with every water change


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