Sanitation Supplies

  • RezBlock 30ml
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    420 Science

    RezBlock 30ml


    ABOUT REZBLOCK:RezBlock is one of our premier products and there is nothing else like it. RezBlock stops resin from sticking to your bong wherever water touches it, keeping it cleaner longer. It's an all-natural resin preventer. The Resin...

  • Grunge Off Super Soaker 16oz
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    Grunge Off

    Grunge Off Super Soaker 16oz


    ABOUT GRUNGE OFF SUPER SOAKER: Grunge off has been a long-standing bong cleaner for years. Grunge Off Super Soaker cleaner has been specially formulated for glass, but it also completely removes excess build-up on almost any surface. The Grunge Off...

  • Piece Water Solution 12oz
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    Piece Water

    Piece Water Solution 12oz


    ABOUT PIECE WATER SOLUTION:Congratulations you have discovered the secret, all natural formula that will liberate your piece from the scourges of gunk and resin. The PIECE WATER Solution brilliantly solves the age old problem of the dirty bong and keeps...

  • Glob Mops XL Cotton Swabs 2.0
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    Glob Mops

    Glob Mops XL Cotton Swabs 2.0


    ABOUT THE GLOB MOP XL COTTON SWABS Keep your Quartz nails and bangers clean and looking brand new with 100% Pure Cotton XL 2.0 Glob Mops. This convenient 300-swab pack is perfect for your luggage, travel or rig case. High-quality Quartz products and dab...

  • Orange Chronic Cleaner - 16oz

    Orange Chronic Cleaner - 16oz

    $19.99 - $119.99

    ABOUT ORANGE CHRONIC CLEANER Immediate results no scrubbing or waiting No after taste or smell Easy to use, earth friendly Clean your smoking accessories with orange chronic bong cleaner. This 16oz bottle of orange chronic is a very...