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Vape Pens


For those new to vaping, a vape pen is a great starting point. They have compact designs, single button or auto-draw control, and deliver satisfying vapor. Whether you're looking for a dab pen for wax concentrates like the Boundless Terp Pen or an e-juice vape for nicotine use such as the Suorin Edge, pen vaporizers are a great way to enjoy your preferred material.

  • Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer


    Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer


    ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS TERP PEN V2 VAPORIZER Nearly Instant Heatup Breath Activated, No Buttons or Settings Easy Load Design Ultra-Portable Form: 5.5" (140mm) No Butane or Torch Required Micro-USB Charging 1 Year Warranty The Terp Pen is a...

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    Dr Dabber Stella Vaporizer
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    Dr. Dabber

    Dr Dabber Stella Vaporizer

    Was: $109.95
    Now: $99.95

    ABOUT DR DABBER STELLA VAPORIZER KIT: Featuring major improvements in almost every category, expertly packed into a signature black stainless steel body, the Dr. Dabber Stella is the new standard for a premium vaporizer pen. Stella features three heat...

  • Atmos Jump Vaporizer


    Atmos Jump Vaporizer


    ATMOS JUMP VAPORIZER™ INTRODUCTION Atmos Nation proudly presents the world’s first carbon-fiber vape pen: the Atmos Jump Vaporizer. This revolutionary design makes the device durable while maintaining its compact body for portability. The...

  • Boundless Terp Pen XL Vaporizer


    Boundless Terp Pen XL Vaporizer


    ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS TERP PEN XLEvolved from the Terp Pen, we’re proud to introduce the Terp Pen XL! The Terp Pen XL features adjustable temperature settings and improved ceramic coil design for better airflow and larger hits. Simply tap the body...

  • Cloud Pen 3.0 Pen Vaporizer - Glossy Black

    Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer


    ABOUT CLOUD PEN 3.0 VAPORIZER: Supports Concentrates (Waxes and Oils) and Dry Herbs Multiple Atomizers Fast Heat-Up Time Rechargeable 650mAh Battery Slim, Lightweight and Discreet LED Back-Lit Button Micro USB Port The Cloud Pen 3.0 vaporizer...

  • Evolve Plus Concentrate Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

    Wulf Mods

    Evolve Plus Concentrate Vaporizer by Wulf Mods


    ABOUT EVOLVE PLUS CONCENTRATE VAPORIZER BY WULF MODS: Wulf Evolve Plus Wax Pen Powered by Yocan! Remarkable device on the market coming from a line of successful, innovative vape pens; the Wulf Evolve Plus Vaporizer Powered by Yocan has hit the...

  • Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer Pen

    Wulf Mods

    Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer Pen


    ABOUT THE WULF MODS EVOLVE PLUS XL VAPORIZER The Wulf Mods Yocan Evolve Plus XL Concentrate Vaporizer is great for vaping oils or soilds. The quad coil quartz atomizer provides four times the surface area of the average wax pen, delivering huge,...

  • Dip Devices

    EVRI Starter Pack Vaporizer


    ABOUT THE EVRI STARTER PACK VAPORIZER:3-IN-1 VAPE PEN AND TORCHLESS DAB STRAW EVRI by Dip Devices is a multi-functional consumption solution. EVRI features a battery that connects magnetically to continuously evolving attachments. These include the...

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    Exxus MiCare Cartridge Vaporizer


    Exxus MiCare Cartridge Vaporizer

    Was: $39.99
    Now: $27.99

    ABOUT EXXUS MICARE CARTRIDGE VAPORIZER: The two of the most known companies have come together in a first ever collaboration, for this inventive device, delivering an abundance of dense clouds and refreshing sessions. Incorporating auto draw...

  • Exxus Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer


    Exxus Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer


    ABOUT EXXUS PLUS VV CATRIDGE VAPORIZER: Exxus Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape has a simple design quality and thoughtfully crafted user-friendly features. Because this is a variable voltage, pen-style battery, the Exxus Plus' voltage can be...

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    Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer


    Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer

    Was: $49.99
    Now: $36.99

    ABOUT EXXUS PUSH CARTRIDGE VAPORIZER: Its name from its uniquely fashioned chassis, employing a height adjustment button which allows the user to extend and retract the cartridge for safe storage while not in use. Turning on your Push Unit The device...

  • On Sale!
    Exxus Slim Vaporizer


    Exxus Slim Vaporizer

    Was: $11.99
    Now: $9.99

    ABOUT THE EXXUS SLIM VAPORIZER Ease of use  High ratings/reviews on Manufacturing site Perfect for travel Doubles as phone stylus The Exxus Slim Auto Draw Battery by Exxus Vape is a streamline, simple, pen style battery. Its uncomplicated...